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Infovis and Datavis

Studio: VISup srl
Project: Infovis and Datavis metainfographic
Expertise: Information design, concept design, design research
Published on: Vizworld

The project. Goals.
The main purpose of this infography is to create a sort of “visual dictionary”, clarifying and putting in relationship the main concepts and disciplines related to the Information Visualization discipline.

The project started with a research phase, in which were studyed some relevant theories about information and data visualization, information design, interaction design , visual tools and future trends. After the first sketches was possibile to identify four typology of “routes”, as the mother-disciplines of information design, and the subcategories of this disciplines. The branches represent the relation between each discipline and the colors from were it comes from.

Concept and visual solution.
The idea was to create a friendly and very simple metaphor to facilitate the visualization and communication of this very theorical infography. The stilized “tree” shows the theoretical origins and the branches of disciplines. The watering can indicates the future trends to help the “tree” to “grow up” in a prosperous way.